Priorities in 10 points

What do we want? Priorities in 10 points
01. | Less for weapons, more for the people

We will systematically promote the reduction of spending on armaments and the gradual transformation of the army into an emergency corps. We will direct the saved resources to the construction of affordable apartments for young families and to climate change protection. We categorically reject the presence of foreign soldiers on the territory of the Slovak Republic. We want to create a peaceful state that will mediate peace talks, not assist the great powers in their military adventures.

02 | We will expunge business from the healthcare and social security

We will replace the system of health insurance companies, which are inefficient and drain money from the health sector, with a health sector financed directly from the state budget. The corresponding health tax will be lower for low- and middle-income earners than today's health levies. We will stop the privatization of healthcare and significantly strengthen self-management elements in hospitals. We will end the subsidies that the Social insurance company has to pay to private pension companies due to the second pillar, while at the same time guaranteeing the inviolability of the money saved so far and the possibility to continue saving on a voluntary basis.

03. | We will put an end to end cheap labour, misery, and slavery

We will push for a radical minimum wage increase, starting at 800 euros per month. We will strengthen the competences of labour inspectorates. We will introduce employees' share of company profits. We will strengthen the protection of vulnerable groups of employees from dismissal, such as people over 50, the disabled or single parents. We will increase the maternity allowance to the level of the mother's previous salary. We will shift state aid from incentives for foreign companies to support for domestic small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. We will enable self-employed people to include their holiday entitlement in the costs. We will significantly increase pensions. We will provide pensioners with free access to medicines and immediately stop raising the retirement age.

04. | We will turn Slovakia into a modern country with developed education system, science, research, and culture

We will increase education, science and research spending to the average level of GDP in OECD countries. We will propose to increase the salaries of teachers, scientists and researchers by 50%. We will significantly increase the number of places in kindergartens. We will increase spending on culture to 1% of GDP.

05. | We will return the stolen public property

We will investigate questionable privatisations and withdraw from contracts where possible. We will replace the dysfunctional law on proving the origin of property with a new legal regulation that will simplify the submission of proposals and expand the range of verified persons. We will introduce a special prosecutor's office independent of the General Prosecutor, which will specialize in prosecuting corruption.

06. | We will shorten the working time

In connection with the onset of robotization and the threat of losing most jobs, we want to maintain employment and contribute to improving the quality of life of workers. We will implement a 4-day work week or a 6-hour work day. We will cut the amount of overtime in half. At the same time, we will start a public debate on the unconditional basic income.

07. | More power to the people!

We will deepen democracy at all levels and in all areas. We will strengthen elements of e-government, direct democracy and participatory budgeting at all levels of the state. We will enforce the right of employees to occupy half of the seats in the administrative boards of companies. We will implement a comprehensive electoral reform that will allow people to choose candidates from multiple parties at once while maintaining a fair proportion of votes and seats. The legislative initiative will not be limited to the members of parliament only, but will be extended to a petition of 50 000 citizens. We will create a Citizens' Chamber in which all important components of society will be represented and which will serve as an advisory body to the parliament with the right to express an opinion on draft laws before they are approved.

08. | We will carry out the separation of the Church and state

Our primary goal is to eliminate clericalism - the abuse of religion for political purposes - from public life. We reject the interference of churches in politics. The political involvement of clergy goes against their priestly status. We will promote consistent financial separation so that the churches are free and the state is independent in the sense of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic.

09. | We will safeguard climate justice

We consider the urgent solution to the climate crisis to be the problem number one, so we will make sure that the costs of the transition to a low-emission economy are paid by the biggest polluters and the money raised is used to support low-income groups. We will stop excessive deforestation. We will advocate for national parks to be in the hands of local residents, not financial groups. We will increase the share of public transport in passenger transport. We have the ambition to transform Slovakia into a state with 100 percent use of renewable energy sources by 2040.

10. | We will put an end to oligarchic benefits

Elected officials are supposed to serve the people. We will cancel the MP's entitlement to a paid assistant and the MP's entitlement to several months' severance pay after the end of their mandate. We will cut the salaries of MPs by half. The salaries of MPs will be determined not by the Parliament, but an independent committee. We will introduce material responsibility of politicians for their decisions.