Statement in support of the Republic of Cuba in relation to current events

The movement expresses sympathy for the hard-pressed Cuban people and expresses support for the Cuban government's efforts to constructively resolve the unfortunate situation caused by the American embargo.

We understand the frustration of the residents of the Santiago area, who are going through difficult times due to power outages and other difficulties. However, as an organization that knows the tactics of the West from the history of Slovakia as well as from its current practice, our movement hopes for a constructive approach to solving this situation. We consider the steps of the Cuban authorities to be correct, and in many ways they set an example for the Slovak Republic.

The movement has repeatedly expressed a strong disapproval of the American embargo, which purposefully enables and exacerbates situations like this one. We also reject any attempts by US representatives to portray Cuba as undemocratic or as a threat to human rights. We consider these attempts to muddy the waters and a case of cynical hypocrisy on the part of the US.

The movement stands firmly on the side of defending the achievements of the Cuban Revolution.