call for a just peace for Palestine

While our representatives and politicians, led by President Čaputová, quickly took the side of Israeli apartheid, our movement stands for a peaceful solution and foreign pressure on the Israeli government to stop the genocide of Palestine. We stand firmly with the oppressed Palestinian people and equally reject the bloodshed of innocent Jewish lives. Israel, as an illegal occupation project, has been tyrannizing the original Arab population for 75 years. Long-term displacement, murder of children, civilian population, journalists and medical personnel, as well as physical and legal segregation and occupation of the territory does not go unanswered and unfortunately, as it turns out, violence and grievances only bring more violence and grievances. If it weren't for Israel's policies, there would be no Palestinian fighters.

Liberal and conservative supporters of Zelensky's Ukraine without hesitation called Palestinian self-defense an act of terrorism, and so did President Čaputová. Yet they support the same thing in Ukraine, even by military aid. Movement says clearly: everyone has the right to adequate self-defense, which, however, excludes hateful revenge against civilians. The territory that is usurped by the Israeli regime was torn from generations of Palestinians and Mizrahim Jews. It is the right of oppressed peoples to defend themselves and fight for equality. Palestine does not have such strong support in the world as Israel, and unfortunately even the UN does not consistently act against the undisputable genocide and annexation of territory committed by the Israeli Government. also calls for the protection of the civilian population as understood by IV. the Geneva Convention and in terms of the Rome Statute.

Slovakia has been an independent and sovereign state for 30 years now, but it also went through this difficult historical experience. If anything, Slovak politicians should understand the struggle of the Palestinian people just for that reason. Slovak diplomacy must proceed in accordance with international law and in accordance with the herritage which the Slovak Republic also claims in the Constitution.

In addition to supporting Israel, the Slovak diplomacy led by President Čaputová has long supported the so-called "two-state solution" - that is, the creation of an independent Israeli and Palestinian state. However, this solution clearly contradicts reality - de iure these two states exist. But this does not prevent the Israeli occupiers, with the financial and military assistance of the USA, from committing ethnic cleansing both on "their" territory and on the territory of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

It is clear that the only truly just and peaceful solution is to stop the bloodshed accompanied by exerting international pressure, correct the historical wrongs against the native population, one common state based on the civil (as opposed to ethnic) principle and the end of physical and economic oppression. The solution is decolonization and socialism. expresses solidarity with the occupied people of Palestine, as well as support for our related organizations in the region. We also express our condolences for every innocent victim, whether on the Palestinian or Jewish side. The UN also has "blood on its hands" due to its ambiguity and unwillingness to establish peace in the region, even with military force in the form of a peacekeeping mission.